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Always This

by Joshua Worden

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Marrow 03:16
I finally found a song from deep within the bones it comes. Shot like an arrow come from an ageless place unknown. We’re living slow, deep rivers flow, over stones so old, these faded bones breath. What’s this the heart churns? Beauty the dirt turns below. Deep in the marrow, a thousand things that we can’t know. We’re living slow, deep rivers flow, over stones so old, these faded bones sing. With the song in our bones. We’re never alone. We dance through the fray. We see, we know the way.
The Road 03:41
There’s a river somewhere amongst us, take me to the water let me drink up. Over unturned stone and hidden tracks, let’s go down this road and don’t look back. We can’t see with any certainty the drifting currents of the formless sea. Come on now baby, come with me We’ll go together, together, together. And with the sunrise the road signs we navigate with they turn our eyes from the eve to the river again. Ain’t it funny how the days lay, the hours within, they find us dancing or dying, we cry or we sing. We can’t see with any certainty the drifting currents of the formless sea. Come on now baby, come with me We’ll go together, together, together. Oh how we are. Oh what is this.
Midnight 03:12
There’s something to be said for what you do when no one’s watching you, watching you. Those lonely moments of the soul where the whole world is holding you in abundant truth. Heading down apartment stairs, cool night air, and the midnight dew, midnight dew. The city in its sleep as you make your way to the street where DJs groove, DJs groove. And it’s so clear in her eyes here across the room. You don’t know her name and it’s all the same you will soon. The rhythm of you breathing; What’s to see? Nowhere to be. It’s always this, always this. The movement of her body, pulsing beat and shuffling feet It’s always bliss, always bliss. And you’re thinking that we weren’t always so severed, so severed. And don’t you think it’s a damn shame we’re so severed, so severed. And it’s so clear alone here in your bedroom. And you trace the lines of her face entwined in her legs consumed with this
The Hunter 03:36
Born once cried twice first five then nine. A childlife the thin line of what’s right in time. Contact of wet snow brought forth in the dull glow of late winter months he clutches his gun in the birch wood the squirrel hunter. Crouched on his heels in the slow cold he feels it’s just so in the wood snow. Leading through to the moonlight in the air the ice all up in the branches is so clear His feet don’t mind their sinking in the cold And if you look out through the birch wood, it’s all snow. It goes on, it goes on, and on and on. He moves on, he moves on, he’s all alone. It goes on, it goes on, and on and on. We move on, he moves on, we’re all alone.
Because we say so Because the days flow don’t you forget me. Because the skies glowed because we stayed low Don’t you forget this.
Embers 03:54
I can’t see you for the fire it’s burning ever higher now oh no the view. From where I’m standing on the hillside, the smoke it fills the whole sky now oh no it’s true. And we get nowhere. Gone to pieces in the dusk light the place just doesn’t feel right now oh where are you? Digging through the dust and ashes it’s been a week since we last heard last heard, from you. And we get nowhere. All our illusions could fill this room we forget the right ways to lose When all I want is you. All I want is you. Oh all the things I said to you, I’m sorry (well I am) They’re embers in the fading light discarded (down to ash) All I really want tonight is your smile (well I can’t) Yeah that old house has been burnt down for a while.
Like a Rose 02:31
There is no form - no way of waiting I have become a shadow on window grating Watching seasons come It’s winter in the Bronx oh ad naseum Life is for the young There is no form – no way of aging gracefully More people gone; newspapers list them for me I am not alone we all make time our home to dust we all are blown the ground which we once sowed There is no place; no place to ask the silence What faded page, what words would make this crying heart feel like a rose? Change the river’s flow. Stop this growing old. Nothing I suppose.
The turning quiet the morning sun the corner store and the rain. We all get up and set foot out the door a heavy fog across the city’s floor But what does it mean when we don’t even see? REPEAT I sing for the same things I cry for, and long to see faces in the songs I find. These melodies are for all of us we walk and breath in rhythms unknown
To Dust 03:50
Closer we can see the crooked lines old memories. Red clay. The taste of you the weakest link I still hold true. Oh… Reverent open eyes lost in time seasons wide. Red clay, the coursing through, the evening light feet wet with dew. Oh. Easy, don’t you fall away from me We’ve grown old, in the shade of all the old growth trees. Pavement satellites power lines stretched beyond sight. Red clay the setting sun the world lives on as we’re undone.
The Line 04:29
There's a reason why, it's the unfathomed skies, the wind in the pine, the night train cries. We so tenderly raise our sweet hands and hope for the best in all circumstances. We walk the cloudy night, we see by moonlight. We're slow, we take our time, paced like the sun rise. We follow the line, we see through the lies, and though we're gone in time, everything is all right. We so tenderly raise our sweet hands and hope for the best of all circumstances. There is no right way. There is no wrong way. No ears, no eyes, no body, no mind. BLCTXT VERSE: 2 halves make a whole, perfection be the goal. Rarely do we see it we settle for what we know. Really afraid to grow, really afraid to show, the light that shines on the inside, let it glow down the road less traveled unravel your doubt and fear, reap what you sow when you plant faith in the field of dreams crops cream comes from time you invested, are you on your own path? Do you have any direction? If you ain't honest with self, ain't no honest results, don't be scared, break the cycle, watch the pieces melt. Your future's in your hands, mold it to your liking, get a grip, firm stance, build your legacy the highest. The sky is no limit when you got your own vision, if you think it, you can do it but you gotta be committed, and see it through, stay true to you and yourn. Cross the line that defies everything you're standing for.


All songs written, produced and performed by Joshua Worden. The Line features blctxt. Recorded and mixed at Home. Mastered by Paul Lapinski.
Art by Helen Poser. Design by Black Key Designs. Published by Ponar Music (ASCAP). Copyright 2013.


released June 1, 2013


all rights reserved



Joshua Worden Atlanta, Georgia

Joshua Worden is a solo artist and producer based in Atlanta, GA whose music is an original blend of indie R&B and alternative singer/songwriter, hip-hop beats and electronic production.

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